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Hi There - I'm Rob and I'm glad you've stopped by!

So who am I? Well I'm a 38 (at the time of writing) married guy with two daughters who's very much hooked on the buzz of learning. I'm currently going through my second degree at the University of St. Andrews studying Mediaeval History and Archeology and I love every minute of it. I sound like a loafer who doesn't want to get a 'real' job but I in fact came back to education after 16 years of working for a large supermarket chain and I've never looked back since.

My first degree is a BSc. in Multimedia Technology. I have a huge passion for Multimedia and love the potential it can offer in the field of learning, discovery and education.

I've spent a lot of time in and around technology and during that time, among many things, I've built an insatiable desire to operate as paperless a lifestyle as possible. I've come a long way to achieving that lifestyle but the book intensive degree I'm currently doing is a real challenge. However it is my philosophy that if I can successfully manage to control and eliminate the flow and use of paper in such an environment of ubiquitous book and paper uasge as this one then I can pretty much apply that 'winning' strategy to every other area of my life; I'm certainly trying to do this.

I also have very strong beliefs about doing as much as I can do to protect our fragile planet. In some ways this can contradict my love of technology and computers but I constantly strive to find new and creative ways of counterbalancing the negative side of technology usage i.e. green electricity, living car free (over a year now), recycling and NOT keeping at the front of the 'I've got the fastest/best/biggest computer/gadget race (apart from anything else it's just too damn expensive)

So what else about me??....emmm.....well I'm a vegetarian for what it's worth. I'm also strongly against globalisation and support the concept of FairTrade.

I have a passion for positive life management and maintain a clear focus on the goals and outcomes I want to achieve in my life.

Ok before I put myself in danger of sounding like a new age hippy I'll leave it at that.
Take Care


all periods of history, lifelong learning, finding ways to live paperlessly, living a lifestyle that's sympathetic towards the planet