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People getting greener about their PCs

Green_key According to a research study conducted by  Ipsos-Mori for Greenpeace, computer consumers are showing an increased responsibility towards owning greener PCs which contain less toxic chemicals. In the most outward sign of commitment  i.e. putting your money where their mouth is, people are suggesting they would pay extra for the privilege of owning a more eco-friendly PC. Uk users for example are willing to pay an extra £64 ($117) on average while in China, potentially one of the most harmful nations for electronic waste, they would stump up even more - £108 (197).

This is great news all round. Not quite ground-breaking, earth-shattering (or should that be saving) news but a positive step in the right direction. If more and more people get on board with this then manufacturers, who are already making moves towards greener production, will see the value of getting greener quicker.  I only hope that faced with handing the cash over at the shop till (ok...or the online checkout), the people suggesting they would pay more for green in this survey keep to their word. ::via BBC


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