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Roman Gadget Geeks – the ancient 'inkers'

Lately I was wandering around the Museum of Scotland when I stumbled across an amazing fragment of a Roman Wax Tablet (I think it was found at Vindolanda – a Roman fort near Hadrian's Wall, but can't confirm this for sure until I revisit the museum. Anyone know? I managed to get back yesterday and it seems the tablet comes from Newstead - a Roman fort in the Borders). This has got to be the ultimate antiquity equivalent of the PDA and the similarities between the ancient and the modern are striking. Both are around the same size and both require a stylus to 'ink' text onto the surface. It makes one wonder just how much of an influence these ancient tablets had on the first PDA designs.

Follow the jump to see a few more pics of the Roman tablets and a lttile commentary on how they were used

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Paperless Pitstop - Progress during a summer of fun?

Firstly sorry for a slight decline in blog posts lately but with my daughters starting their school holidays and the hot weather hitting my frozen wasteland (ok I’m exaggerating a bit. I live in Scotland and not Siberia but even so sun is kind of rare around here :o)) I’ve had to re-prioritise my time and tasks somewhat. Don’t worry (as if you would be) I’m still here though and being in a reflective mood tonight I thought I would take a bit of time to compile a progress summary on some of my primary paperless related blog projects/pledges:

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10 Ways to be kinder to paper

One of the things I haven't posted a lot of on the blog (well actually never) is lists. Everybody, including me, loves lists so I thought maybe I should get down to producing some and what bettter way to get the ball rolling than a list of paper reducing/eliminating ideas. To avoid information overload I'm only presenting 10 ideas for the time being but I hope the 10 I've presented are useful and somewhat thought-provoking. I intend to follow up this list in the near future with a part deux. Meanwhile enjoy the ideas I've posted and if you have any of your own then please don't be afraid to share them.

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A ‘real world’ 32-bit Photoshop palette!

Kath_pencils_1 I thought one of the big advantages of doing artwork on the computer, aside from it being a paperless operation, was the almost unlimited palette of colours that was available in applications such as Photoshop. However after stumbling across the 'Travels with a Sketchbook' blog of artist Katherine Tyrrell my perception has somewhat changed on this. Katherine has posted a picture of her ‘travel sketch toolkit’ which I couldn’t help but chuckle at when I saw how LARGE it was. Katherine’s ‘real world’ colour palette must surely rival anything Adobe has to offer :o).

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Two paper 'attributes' I miss and a solution for one of them


When I was writing my article on why being paperless was productively beneficial I remembered a couple of small, yet important things that I miss about using paper. I thought I would share these with everyone so that I can finally affirm my insanity once and for all :o) I do hope that you persevere to the end of this ‘chatty’ post because in closing I’m going to reveal a journaling solution I’m going to implement in order to bring back one of the two things I miss. Hopefully it’ll be a ‘food for thought’ solution that others may find useful.

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Paper more productive? I beg to differ!


Michael over at pigpog,com, recently upped an article discussing why he considers paper to be a more productive medium than an electronic alternative. It’s a thought provoking article as he gives a number of good reasons for sticking with paper. However as a paperless advocate I consider it my duty to respond to the points Michael has made and also provide a few reasons why I think a paperless option can be more beneficial in increasing productivity.

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Crash! Bang! Wallop!....shhhh it’s a library!!

So how safe ‘n’ cosy do feel browsing around the dark dingy aisles of the university or local library? Well if you’re anything like me then the only thing to fear is the occasional paper cut (Ouch!) or book bouncing off the toes. Well the danger level has just risen to Red after viewing a set of pictures posted by librarian Klara Kim. One look at these is guaranteed to make a visit to the library feel like an unguided expedition down the Congo River.


What’s the betting that at least one smart a** waited for the book dust to settle before letting out a huge ssssshhhhh!!!!

The photo set of Klara’s ‘whoops moment’ can be found at Flickr ::via Boing

Paperless Pat on the Back – BlueGreenPlanet.org

Patback_5 It gives me great pleasure in presenting my latest Paperless Pat on the Back award to e-card website BlueGreenPlanet.org for providing a paperless e-card service in an atmosphere and surroundings that are positively different from that found at the myriad of other e-card websites in existence.


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