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Paperless Pat on the Back – BlueGreenPlanet.org

Patback_5 It gives me great pleasure in presenting my latest Paperless Pat on the Back award to e-card website BlueGreenPlanet.org for providing a paperless e-card service in an atmosphere and surroundings that are positively different from that found at the myriad of other e-card websites in existence.


The concept of sending e-cards to people has always appealed to me. They allow one to acknowledge a special occasion while retaining the discipline for living paperfree and eco-friendly. Sadly though most of the e-card websites I’ve used are littered with a multitude of commercial advertisements that usually involve ‘selling you soul’ through forced registration. Even worse you inevitably end up spamming the friend or loved one that you send an e-card to from these places, because the link that takes them to their e-card, or the email containing the link itself, is also saturated with advertisements. Well thanks to artist Janet Chui and a collaborative team at BlueGreenPlanet.org we can all now have a more pleasurable experience when sending e-cards to our friends and loved ones in an uncluttered ad-free environment.


As if the advertisement free ‘no catch’ paperless e-card service that Janet and the team provides isn’t enough to warrant an award on its own BlueGreenPlanet.org also has additional reasons for recognition:

  • Their e-card selection and the messages they can contain are more meaningful and thought provoking than the majority of trashy e-cards available at other places. Their artwork and messages are designed by volunteer artists and writers who, possessing no ulterior commercial motives, are only interested in spreading their work and this is reflected in the quality of their work and the message it reflects.
  • As mentioned before BlueGreenPlanet.org  is a team effort and as such they actively promote creative collaboration from others. So for creatively obsessed individuals (especially those who are environmentally aware) there is plenty of opportunity and encouragement to get involved and submit artwork, poems, verses, pieces of writing etc.
  • BlueGreenPlanet.org promotes a culture of environmental awareness and to reinforce this they operate an ecologically themed blog and provide a myriad of links to many of the top green and eco-friendly websites sites on the Internet. (please note though that this is not as ‘in your face’ as it sounds so if you have little interest in ‘green’ issues, please don’t not be put off visiting BlueGreenPlanet.org thinking that you will be instantly brainwashed on entry)

For their tireless efforts in promoting both paperless operation and environmental awareness, BlueGreenPlanet.org is worthy of more recognition than I can give them and perhaps the best form of credit comes through supporting their efforts. I therefore heartily urge that you stop by at BlueGreenPlanet.org and, while you’re breathing in that ad-free air, you go ahead and send that thought provoking e-card to a fellow student, professor, friend, family member or whoever you think deserves one. Not only will you touching someone’s heart and gaining a few ‘brownie points’ you’ll also be performing the worthwhile task of promoting Janet and the team.

Thank you for your planet preserving efforts BlueGreenPlanet.org and congratulations on being awarded a Paperless Pat on the Back.



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