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Postie Roger - the paperless demigod


Thanks to the selfless act of postman Roger Annies of Barry, Wales (who sadly as I write has been suspended for his actions) news has broken across the UK that it is possible for households to opt-out of un-addressed junk mail from the Royal Mail (the kind of mail that's headed 'to the occupier'). Although I've added my name to the MPS this form of unaddressed junk mail has remained a proverbial fly in my paperless ointment but thanks to Postie Roger not any more.

You see Royal Mail make a lot of revenue from junk mail delivery so they have obviously kept this exclusion option as quiet as they can. There's nothing about it on the Royal Mail website and before Roger started his campaign I had no idea such an 'opt out' existed. However after a bit of digging I've found out what to do and thought I'd share it.

All you need to do is send a letter (sorry no paperless option :o( ) stating that you wish to opt out of receiving Door to Door items to the following address:

Door to Door Customer Services
Room 130
Wheatstone House
Wheatstone Road

I've only just sent off my opt-out letter so can't give a first hand account of how effective it is but if my MPS experience is anything to go by then it works brilliantly.

Oh and while your posting your opt-out letter to Swindon why not also send a letter to the Royal Mail Head Office voicing your digust that Mr. Annies has been suspended and urging them to reinstate him. The address is:

Royal Mail Headquarters
148 Old Street


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