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British TabletPCers - Where are You?!?

Robwantsyou Are you a TabletPC aficionado living in the UK? Do you often get the feeling that you’re the only one in the country who owns a TabletPC because 1) you’ve never, or hardly ever, seen anyone else using one? (I’ve only ever seen two others) or 2) everyone looks at you very strangely when you’re using your Tablet? (although I CAN come up with numerous reasons for why people look at me strangely) Do you often feel that almost all TabletPC ‘chatter’ on the Internet comes with a distinctly American flavor (sorry….flavour) making you feel, even though you love your US cousins, even more disconnected? (not to mention exhausted at having to continually convert US $s to UK £s and translate all those quirky American spellings of words  :o) )

Then Read On…..

Well you've continued reading...that's good! It looks like your answers to those questions above were yes, yes and YES in which case I’d like to invite you to become a member of the TUB Club? (unless of course you’ve read on because you're a curious American in which case - Hi there! Please don’t worry I’m not about to launch an anti-American bid for global domination. I love you guys so please, rest easy!).

Firstly I should really tell you what the TUB Club is all about. Well the TUB (Tablet Users of Britain)Tubclub_1 Club isn’t a club in the proper sense of the word. I merely dubbed it a ‘club’ because the word cunningly rhymes with TUB and phonetically sounds good. The TUB ‘Club’ is intended to be a useful, one-stop repository for UK TabletPC owners to find others of the same ilk for the purposes of greeting, meeting and speeting (sorry speaking) which er…. is a bit like what people do in clubs I guess…emmm..[coughs]..ok moving swiftly on… In the 18 months since owning Jack the Tab (that’s the name of my TabletPC not a gangland boss I’ve befriended) I’ve only ever spotted two other TabletPCs. One of them was in the arms of a female Coca-Cola rep (HP Compaq TC1100) engaged in the task of dashing around the supermarket counting stock. Maybe it was down to the fact that my impromptu interruption to acknowledge her TabletPC owning status had made her lose count but she looked and sounded decidedly more lumbered with than ecstatic about her electronic companion. The other ‘spotting’ was a ‘walk-by’ sighting at an Edinburgh branch of the jewellers H. Samuel. Ironically the manager (he was booted, suited and had an air of managerial eminence so I assume he was a manager) was using exactly the same Acer C300 as I own (Jack the Tab remember?) but he was using it in its less dynamic laptop mode. I was going to pop in and have a quick chat but he looked as approachable as a North Korean border guard so I didn’t bother (it’s at times like this that I wish Jack the Tab really was a gangland buddy). I can tell you I was left with many unanswered questions that day :o)

So you can see that my interaction with other TabletPC users in the UK has been minimal to say the least but I don’t want it to be that way. It’s a lonely TabletPC owning life it really is! Perhaps it’s just me. Maybe the UK is saturated to bursting point with TabletPCs and I’m simply in the wrong place at the wrong time. But surely I can’t be the only one in the wrong place at the wrong time and wouldn’t be great for other UK TabletPC users to pleasantly find out that there are others right on their doorstep? Well that’s what the TUB Club is all about – discovery and enlightenment. It’s a portal where we can find out if we are not alone (sounds very X-Filey doesn’t it?)

So what about joining the TUB Club itself? I’m sure information like that would help – Well all you need for entry to the TUB Club is to send me (preferably by email) the following:

  • your name
  • UK whereabouts
  • contact email
  • occupation
  • perhaps a brief summary (50 words or less) on your make of TabletPC and what you use it for.
  • If you can manage it, a quick mugshot (preferably holding Tablet) would also be a great thing to send. It would help make the TUB Club directory look kind of professional.

Once you’ve sent me this information, along with your permission to do so, I’ll enter your details in the TUB Club public directory and you’ll be a fully fledged TUBer ready to receive communiqués from the best TabletPCers that Britain has to offer (provided my theory about me being the only TabletPC user in the UK doesn’t turn out to be true in which case you’ll only be making contact with me…which you would have already done already so would be a pretty pointless exercise – although that would dispel the myth that I’m the only UK TabletPC owner. At this time, for added dynamism, I’m concluding the two TabletPCs that I HAVE spotted on these shores must have been owned by visiting Americans).

Oh and I've also set up a Yahoo Group just in case this thing takes off and things get a bit communal. However to keep things spam-free over there, membership has to be approved (although anyone can read the messages without joining) and I'm only accepting membership applications from TUB members. Hope you understand and don't think of me as some kind meglomaniac hungry for power and control......cue manic laughter...MUUUHAWWWW!!!!!

Anyway I’ll leave it at that for now and look forward to finding out if I’m the only one. The suspense is sure to kill me!


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Just as I go and give away my Tablet ;)

I hear what you say, the UK does seem to be a bit of a technological backwater - I've been saying it myself for some time - especially on the retail front.

I think I'll still mail you my details as I plan to get another Tablet post Vista and as still a Tablet evangelist.

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