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Hey All!!

Hey folks! How's it going?.....[pause for reply].....Good! Well you've maybe realised, due to the lack of posts, that I'm back into the swing of university at St. Andrews and indeed the pace, as ever, is hectic. It always takes me a week or three to get all of my assignments and deadlines scheduled and planned out before I seem to settle down and feel in control. I'm pretty much at the 'settled down' point and although the workload is high I feel I'm close to having a few 'windows of opportunity' to allow me to begin posting again.

I'm excited as I'm finding in this new year of studies that I'm having to completely rethink my paperless strategy as the system I've used over the past 18 months doesn't fit with the different course structure of third year (the format is more seminar based with less focus on lectures). I'm also discovering new study revelations, mainly based around MindManager, which I can't wait to share with everyone. Plenty to write about (without even including articles on 'others talking paperlessly' and related blogosphere news) so I'd better get cracking - Watch This Space