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Priorities CAN dent the quest for personal paperless nirvana: Part 1

Paperless aficionado and MindManager supremo Jason Dorko recently scribed a thought provoking piece about his diminishing need to use his TabletPC (or rather his TabletPC in tablet mode) as his sole productivity ‘workhorse.’ Alternately, in order to maximise his efficiency, Jason now adopts a more prudent ‘make the tool(s) fit the job’ rather than the ‘job fitting the tool(s)’ ethos and a knock on effect of this has lead him to focus on a less stringent paperless lifestyle.

So is Jason selling his soul to the devil? :o) Is this ‘former’ advocate of TabletPCs and paperless operation right to increase his productivity through ‘more laptop’ and ‘less tablet’ and to move towards a more ‘paper-centric’ mode of operation? Of course he is. Working for a living now Jason needs to get his job done in the quickest and most efficient way and if that means ‘less tablet’ and more laptop and paper then so be it.

I won’t say I’m not disappointed though. In the world of ‘paperless pioneering’ I consider Jason to be one of the primary exponents. His passion for TabletPCs and his assiduous adaptation of MindManager to endless personal usage scenarios was, and still is, an inspiration for anyone and everyone who is looking to put less paper in their lives while at the same time conserving, if not improving, their efficiency. In an ideal scenario I would have loved to have seen Jason take his digital inking/paperless ethos to the pharmaceutical industry he is working in now and revolutionise their way of thinking and operating but alas a little fish moving around a new big ocean will always find it difficult to make a noticeable splash especially in such an established industry.   

The point of this post however isn’t solely to express my doom and gloom at Jason for no longer showing maximum keenness for promoting TabletPC usage and paperless operation (after all he gives plenty of reassurance in his post that he hasn’t completely crossed back over to the Dark Side..phewww!!) I’ve also felt the need to put finger to keyboard because Jason’s new less single minded view echoes some of the feelings I’ve had over the past few months also. However rather than ramble on for another dozen paragraphs and make this blog post too long to be comfortably readable in a single sitting I’ll split this post into two parts and discuss those feelings in the follow-up.

Meantime I salute Jason for providing such an excellent post and I wish him every success in his new career using his newly evolving digital/paper system. I’m sure though that however far Jason goes towards that Dark Side he’ll be sure to hang on doggedly to his beloved paperless tools (both hardware and software) and who knows that little fish may well start to make that big splash.

However it works out Jason keep us all posted on your progress!

Edit: Part 2 has now been posted and can be found HERE


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