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CS Odessa launch ConceptDraw Lab

I received an exciting email yesterday from Olga Danilina PR Manager for CS Odessa (the team behind the ConceptDraw productivity range which includes MindMap my current P.S.I. subject) announcing their newly launched ConceptDraw Lab. Aside from being a blog portal where CS Odessa can share product development info with us, the general public, it's also the place to keep a close eye on, if you're interested in participating in future public beta tests.

If that isn't enough enticement for you CS Odessa are also promising us regular FREE productivity software 'widgets' and they've set the ball rolling by offering all of you iCal and GTD officiandos a GTD widget for ICal. This one's not a lot of use to me but I'm sure it won't be long until they offer something I do need.

Best of luck with the new portal guys!!


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