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Green your PC with a Solargizer

Genius computer peripheral manufacturer Genius (I know. A bad attempt at a pun) have come up with this neat little wireless keyboard for all of us eco-friendly PCers. Christened the SlimStar 820 Solargizer (impressive name) this wireless PC keyboard takes its power primarily from an onboard adjustable solar panel. I know what your thinking ...how does that work in a dark room? Well obviously it doesn't and to address that little problem Genius provide two other powering alternatives - USB charging and AA battery power (comes supplied with alkaline batteries but I'm sure you could use rechargable). Ok so it's not a 100% solar powered solution (unless you only work on your PC during the day :o) ) but at least it's a postive step in the planet friendly direction. In the words of Borat...I Like!!!! ::via The Sietch Blog


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