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Juice your mobile gadgets via the sun


One of the biggest problems facing the mobile paperless operative is keeping his/her paperless gadgetry juiced up throughout the day and this problem can be compounded if, like me, you're a bit of a 'greenie' paperless operative who also likes to keep an eye on the eco-friendly side of things.
Well we need worry no more because thanks to Solar Technology Ltd. (here in the UK..yay!:o)) and their new Freeloader charger the problem's solved (at least to some extent). Weighing in at a respectfully manageable 185g, and shrouded in a tough aluminium body, the £29.99 Freeloader is a portable charger system that allows one to remotely 'juice up' a multitude of portable gadgets i.e. PDA's, ipods, a large number of phones etc. using one of the equally numerous connectors that comes supplied with the unit.


The Freeloader's internal battery, which can power a PDA for 22 hours, can be recharged using a computer's USB but better still, through use of its in-built solar cells, the Freeloader can harness the power of the sun's rays - a wholly clean and green solution. I've just placed an order for one (contrary to what you may have read about these elsewhere, they are available NOW - I've just come off the phone to the company) so as soon as I've had a bit of time using it I'll post a full review. Meantime get yourself along to the Freeloader product page and gen yourself up on all of the details (they can do a much better job at that then I can :o)) ::via Treehugger   


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I'll ensure the owl avoids a beating for the rest of the day. Thanks for supporting his struggle to stay 'bruise free'

As for joining the Tub Club - I don't think you've grasped the concept dear daughter - you have to own a TabletPC in order to join

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