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Kingston 1GB Flash Drives £2.43?!? - cheap as chips (or they would have been if it wasn't for the 'rip off' postage)

If you're in the UK and on the lookout for bargain 1GB USB Flash drives then you can't go seriously wrong with the 1 GB Kingston DataTravelers available at Amazon (UK) right now. These are an absolute steal at £2.43 (at the time of writing). I know for a fact (thanks Charlotte and Alice) that my university's IT department are churning these out at around £10 each at the moment :-0

EDIT: Visitor Jack has kindly left a comment about the high postage that this Amazon vendor charges (scroll down to the comments) per flash drive. If I  had taken the time to read the Amazon reviews I would have seen a couple of warning signs from reviewers i.e. "please keep in mind that you will have to pay in excess of 8 pounds" and "I went to buy 10 of them for our school and they tried to charge me £45 delivery for items that would have all fitted in a single Jiffy bag" Sorry to raise your hopes folks but it looks like a case of if it sounds too good to be true then it usually is. What's worse is apparently Amazon are powerless to do anything about this which leaves me opened mouthed - Oh well I'm sure these unscrupulous traders will one day burn in the fiery bowels of hell.

I'll return you now to your normal transmission because the following still holds true (provided you purchase from someone a little more honest)

Oh and if you're not in the market for USB flash drives at the moment then why not? Easily more robust than floppies or CDs these little beasties aid tirelessly in the fight for the planet's survival by negating the need to burn endless frisbees. What's more, in the long run, they're also going to save you money too. So it's gotta be a win-win situation. Right?!? 


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The posteage is a rip off though - I tried to order 5 - and the postage was £22+ on £11ish worth or product - daylight robbery!! Shame really - coz otherwise it's be a really good deal....

Awww Jack no way!!!
I assumed it would have come under Amazon's "FREE postage over £15" or at worst "marketplace" postage (£2.75 per unit). I'm sorry to have built your hopes up and thanks for letting me know.

I am trying to buy 10 cheap flash drives for our church use. This seemed the best buy but I was horrified at the postage---immoral to charge these prices. So I am still looking.

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