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LscTecForum blogger really has his paperless head screwed on!

Otpbadge I stumbled across this outstanding article over at the LscTecForum in which the move to a more paperless lifestyle is discussed and advocated. Following his observations that the amount of paper producing devices we have in our offices contradicts the notion of a ‘paperless office,’ the author, who is sadly nameless, overturns the “assumption that output needs to be on paper” and offers a number of excellent ideas that would facilitate the switch to paperless while making the whole experience a lot more congenial.

Among the excellent ideas put forward the author suggests taking greater efforts to ‘humanise’ computers themselves, making them a lot more pleasurable to use i.e. constructing laptops out of softer, spongier materials. He also suggests making peripherals less alien and more integrated to our person i.e. computer displays mounted in lightweight glasses and input devices that we unobtrusively wear (nothing new there but good to hear it suggested in relation to working paperlessly). Perhaps his most important suggestion for me, as I believe it’s one of the most essential implementations that can encourage and retain paperless operation (and one of the easiest to employ), is to make the paperless user’s environment as comfortable and accommodating as possible by using comfortable chairs, large and/or multiple screens and wireless keyboards (provided of course that only energy efficient devices are used :o))

The author’s closing paragraphs are perhaps the most poignant though. He suggests that ultimately it is the paper producing ethos of our bureaucratically run institutions that has to change if we are succeed in the quest to turn our society into a wholly paperless one – an opinion that I fully support and wholeheartedly agree with


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Thanks for the kind words.
The entrenched philosophy that measures all things by the amount of "output" produced by a worker contributes greatly to the wastefullness.
Over here it is so disheartenting to have had within our grasp during the Carter administration the possibility of alternative energy policy. The hostage crisis during that administration overshadowed what could have been a turning point in United States Energy Policy. Grand things were afoot then, wind energy, solar energy, alternative fueling for automobiles, conservation, recycling, etc. After that the Reagan years. Both good and bad things during that era--disarmament, but a nearly total repression of green thinking. Very few leaders from that point on of any major party here have focused on the toxic, catastrophic effects of unbridled consumption.

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