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MindManager the best mindmapping solution for me? Well let’s see!!

I mentioned not long ago that the whole structure of my university course has changed and that the onus is now centred more on seminars and independent study this year. Although I was doing a lot of reading before, the amount I have to do now, in order to comprehend the subject and to prepare for weekly seminar meetings, has increased tremendously. That means a greater need for getting the material read and transformed into a more concentrated form of précis, in a format that allows me to quickly and efficiently recall info during seminar meetings (not to mention the need to cognitively retain the material for exam time). Traditionally I would use the power of mindmapping to achieve this and that still remains the case but even more so now. Consequently this greater emphasis on mindmapping has brought about a desire in me to explore mindmapping software solutions other than my primary tool - MindManager to see if there is anything out there that fits me better.

Don’t get me wrong here I’ve loved MindManager since the day I first used it. There’s a good chance it will remain my numbero uno but I’m getting itching fingers and really want to explore if MindManager truly is the best mindmapping solution for me.

I’ve decided that the most thorough way for me to achieve this, and to produce something of worth for my loyal readers :o), is to go through a number of mindmapping software products systematically using my Paperless Software Investigation (PSI) format. At this point I’m intending to concentrate my investigation on four products - my previous mindmapping favourite (which I gave up in favour of MindManager) Inspiration (now on version 8), ConceptDraw’s MINDMAP v4.5, the highly intriguing HeadCase Mind Mapper for Windows and of course MindJet’s MindManager v6. So expect to see me talking about these four packages over the coming weeks and if anyone has a mindmapping package other than the ones listed that they really think I should have a play with then I’d be delighted to hear about them.


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MindManager is really good, I use it a lot, but it can get overwhelmed if you're recording a really big subject. The bigger and more complex the maps gets, the less use it becomes (in other words, I get overwhelmed too!) When that happens, I switch to 3D - using Topicscape, which can import from MindManager.

Argey - I'm very pleased you took the time to leave a comment. I've never heard of TopicScape before and I've just spent an hour on their website checking it out and I've got to say I'm very intrigued by it. The 3D environemnt is very 'right brained' and I can see some real value in this format that would most certainly assist in recall of information. I'm just waiting to hear from them whether the trial version is too crippled to use in the investigation. If it's more or less fully functioning I'm going to hopefully add it to the investigation list. I'm very interested in its potential. Anyway many thanks for taking the time to comment. You've given me a very good lead.

I'd suggest that you check out NovaMind too - I've found them to be better than the others, much more reasonably priced than the likes of MM, better quality output, excellent support services etc.

Hi Joe, Thanks for the recommendation. I'm sure I've trialed NovaMind in my dark distant past but didn't gel with it. Never mind that's irrelevant now. I'll add it to the trial list. Thanks again!

Tari. Thanks for the recommendation. Although the mindmapping facilites at first glance look more or less standardised, as an historian that timeline making feature has got my mouth watering and my brain cogs whirring.

Unfortunately I've already set my schedule and titles for review so it would be difficult (although not impossible) to add OpenMind in. Sadly though it would also appear that the OpenMind trial version (which I would have to use during investigation) has too many limitations to allow for a thorough investigation to be conducted.

That said I'm still incredibly interested in the timeline feature and have contacted Matchware to ask about educational pricing. If they can come up with a reasonably priced license I'll pick one up and probably bolt an investigation of OpenMind on to the end.

Anyway many thanks for taking the time to recommend this product. I'll keep you posted on whether I'll be reviewing it.
Take Care

Good news Tari - Matchware have given me a really good deal on OpenMind. As a consequence I'll schedule it into the mindmapping P.S.I. I'm looking forward to giving it a good road-test (especially that timeline feature :o))

Agree that MindManager is really good for thinking. Have 2 friends who swear by it. Also agree 'it can get overwhelmed if you're recording a really big subject'... mainly because if you need lots of diagrams for your notes, it is not really suited to it.
Use Recallplus if you are studying anything where you have a fair bit to learn. It is a generalised study software rather than just a plain mapping program and as such includes 3d mapping, flashcard style testing, break reminders, knowledge tracking, memory stuff etc etc. I am surprised, but they claim they test it with children as young as 8 though I doubt they could use all the bells and whistles.

Hi Freek - Thanks for your comments. Recallplus is awesome. I use it a lot for revision although not too much for mindmapping. It's revision features are incredible.

I'm actually quite intrigued by v.4's new '3D world' feature. I can see a real use for this for implementing the 'journey' memory technique. Trouble is, after playing with it for an hour, the learning curve is a bit high so will have to dedicate a good deal of block time in order to get to grips with it.


I'd used Mind Manager6. It worked well. Is there a better solution for making outlines/notes?

What about Inspiration, MaxThink!

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