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PC World go for GREEN

Pcworldlogogreen Good news on the RSS feeds today. Seems that UK computer superstore PC World have announced their plans to produce and sell one of the world's most eco-friendly computers. Aside from using as much recycled (and recyclable) materials as they can, PC World will also be investing in carbon offsets i.e. tree planting, to rebalance the negative impact of manufacturing the units. Best of all, as far as I'm concerned, this green PC will also be manufactured in Europe - which, aside from reducing the environmental impact caused by shipping, means the western world won't be exploiting the Far East for a change...Yay!!

While a lot of bloggers out there seem to be applauding PC World's green initiative there's a lot of concern that the extra cost of manufacturing these green machines will be passed on to the consumers. Well I say bring it on. I told you back in June last year that a Greenpeace survey concluded that consumers would pay more for the privilege of owning a greener PC so it's maybe time for us all to stand up to that pledge, get fully behind this initiative, and hopefully encourage more eco-responsible initiatives from other manufacturers including the real 'biggies' such as Apple (on a sidenote -if you haven't been along to take a look at Greenpeace's 'Green my Apple' campaign then I encourage you to do so)   

However as good as this news is I don't think it quite excuses PC World's commercial director Bryan Magrath's incredibly bad attempt at some kind of pun when, as part of the announcement, he said that PC World were aiming towards ‘creating the first 'PC' PC’......errrrr ok Bryan. I think you need to work a little bit more on that tagline :o)

Seriously though - Well Done PC World!! But let's just hope that the final product lives up to its eco-friendly promise. ::via Which?


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