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Trust me - widescreen monitors are a ‘god send’

Wshannsg_2 Aside from having my TabletPC at hand I’ve had to run the majority of the ‘home based’ side of my paperless operation since July last year using an antiquated 14’’ monitor. It all went wrong when my faithful 5 year old 19’’ Belinea monitor gave up the good fight and died...sob! sob! As every paperless pioneer knows a necessary component of our operation is having plenty of monitor ‘real estate’ at our disposal so only having a 14’’ screen as a sole means of display is, I’m sure you can imagine, a complete pain (and it was).

Well thankfully my paperless operation at home has now improved ten-fold again as I finally managed to raise the funds needed to invest in a big monitor. Keeping one eye on price and the other one more importantly on eco-friendliness I went for the Energy Star compliant Hanns-G HW191D widescreen monitor and it arrived yesterday. Initially it wasn’t all peaches and rainbows though (is that a valid phrase?!?). As I’d previously owned a square 19’’ display I’ve got to admit to being somewhat disappointed when I took the Hanns-G out of the packaging and, looking at it, thought I’d sold myself short by choosing a widescreen over a standard display because the screen looked restricted and not a major improvement on the teeny monitor I was using already. However after playing with the monitor for a day my mind has been well and truly changed - a widescreen is definitely an advantage to my paperless operation and for those who haven’t realised this I seriously want to evangelise the value of using a widescreen monitor. Without the need for a dual monitor setup (doubling cost and power consumption) the widescreen enables one to easily have an e-book and a word processor open side by side at a workable size. Additionally if like me you have a habit of building sprawling mindmaps then you will seriously appreciate the extra display width. I was sitting today reviewing an old lecture mindmap which has about 20 main branches and not once did I need to change magnification or even better still have to use the side-scroll bar…yay!

Take it from me it’s great getting a decent amount of monitor ‘real estate’ back again but it’s even better getting it back in ‘widescreen’ flavour - so much so that I urge you to give a widescreen a try if you haven’t already. Seriously I think you may be pleasantly surprised. As to whether it’s the Hanns-G HW191D you should be giving a try well I’d have to say positively yes although after only one day it is of course difficult to give a glowing recommendation. However with its low price point (£112 at the time or writing), its sharp and clear display, the fact that it comes equipped with both VGA and DVI connections, in-built speakers (although I’ve not used them) and the reassurance that comes with of a 3 year warranty. I'd say you'd be daft not to snap one up.


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When my office goes "paperless", they are planning to equip our workstations with two 19" flat screens. One will be turned to portrait view so the scanned documents can be viewed without scrolling. The monitor real estate was my big issue and it's great they listened to my recommendations. I'm really looking forward to the conversion.

A prudent move Capt. and without a doubt the right one to take. As I know fine well from experience the ability to operate paperlessly is improved exponentially through monitor real estate. I know many paperless operatives who work with multiple monitor setups and they wouldn't/couldn't have it any other way. In an ideal world I'd have the same set-up but my desire to stay as ecologically conscious as possible prevents me from doing so. However as lcd's and flat screens get more energy efficient there's a good chance I'll allow myself the luxury..we'll see.

Good luck with the paperless implementation Capt. Keep us posted on how it progresses

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