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You MindMap? We MindMap? iMindMap!!

Well what do you know! I was doing a little online research earlier to help me finalise the mindmapping products I’m going to be road-testing over the next few weeks and I stumbled across the exciting news (old news for some people no doubt…sorry!) that the Mind Map ‘inventor’ himself Tony_photo Tony Buzan has released his own mindmapping application. Cleverly dubbed iMindMap (jumping on the i----- 'branding' a bit there Tony..Tsk! Tsk! :o)) this software looks incredibly ‘tasty’. As I’m about to start this mindmapping ‘road-test’ I’ve resisted loading iMindMap onto my TabletPC but the animations of the product on the iMindMap website look pretty exciting – application graphics look very organic in appearance (very important and a feature sadly missing from a lot of mindmapping apps).

Also exciting for TabletPC users like me (or for anyone else inputting info via stylus i.e. Graphic tablet, UMPC, whiteboard users etc.) is the fact that iMindMap possesses a ‘complete freehand drawing facility’ that utilises a feature called 'Auto Perfect’ which smoothes out all hand drawn branches. Nice!

Like I said above I’ve resisted looking at iMindMap at this time so I can’t tell you much else about it. However you can expect to see me fully road-testing this application during my PSI mind-mapping special (I’ll be posting full details of how I intend to proceed with this in the next couple of days) becuase as soon as I discovered it I couldn't help but add it to the 'featured applications' list.

Meantime if you’re interested in trying iMandMap for yourself then get along to the product website and download a FREE 30 day trial. (note: registration of your details is required). Tony is offering a time limited ‘launch special’ offer giving 3 years of free upgrades. If you like it a license for IMindMap will, at the time of writing, set you back £49.95 (plus VAT if you live in the EU) and right now, as a 'launch special' Tony is offering 3 years of free upgrades

Oh and if you’ve tried iMindMap (or own it) and have an opinion on it (good or bad) then I’d love to hear about it.


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