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There's light at the end of the tunnel

Hi all! I just popped on to let you all know that normal service will resumed on paperlessundergrad shortly because I'm down to just 2 x 3000 word essays from my original uni 'to do' list . Pheww!! it's been a huge slog the past few weeks but it's really been worth it and as Lance Armstrong once said - 'tough times don't last but tough people do'

I say that normal service will be resumed shortly but it won't quite be as 'normal' as it was before. Why? Well I'm really, really, proud and excited to announce that I've been accepted for a position on the staff at studenttabletpc.com. I've been a huge fan and admirer of this place from even before I started using TabletPCs in my paperless life so to find myself as one of the staff writers still has me reeling in shock :o) Don't worry though the commitment to my own corner of the blogosphere remains as steadfast and sure as it always has. If anything the experience I gain at STPC will only improve my work here and that' what I mean by things not being as normal as they were. I'm pretty certain 'things' are going to be better than normal.

So bear with my post drought just a little bit longer. I've got the whole glorious summer ahead of me and a huge backlog of great material, including of course the PSI Mindmapping Special, to serve up to you. I'm seriously looking forward to it and I really hope you are too.

ConceptDraw MINDMAP 5 released

No sooner do I finish my 'still to be posted' roadtest of MindMap 4.5 when Olga Danilina, PR Manager over at CS Odessa, sends me word that their latest incarnation of MindMap - version 5 has just been released on the Windows platform (the developers assure us that all their efforts are now being put into releasing the Mac version ASAP). Version 5 has got a whole host of new features. Aside from a snappy new interface (which in my opinion is a huge improvement on previous versions), the developers have made major improvements to the application's functionality such as the auto repositioning of other topics, when a selected topic is moved, to prevent overlap (I felt this was a major frustration in 4.5 and led to a lot of time consuming manual re-positioning) and revamped clipart libraries.

If you interested in taking a look at the new version then head on over to the MindMap 5 website and treat yourself to a 30-day trial. I also invite you to take a look at Chuck Frey's pre-release preview of MindMap 5. He makes some excellent observations.

Oh and don't worry! Although I've roadtested v4.5 I intend to tweak my upcoming review post to take the new improvements and features into account. More work for me then :o)

Huge and humble apologies!!

Hi Everyone. Well I'm sheepishly tapping away on the keyboard here full of shame and remorse for having not kept up with my post quota on this blog. More importantly I'm failing miserably in my duty to keep you all updated on the progress of my mindmapping application roadtest. It wasn't meant to be this way it really wasn't but my university studies (as I'm sure is the case with a lot of students) have completely taken over my life. To give you some idea these are the things I am/have had to work on concurrently along with preparing for two weekly seminars:

* 3000 word essay exploring changing war aims of the Byzantines and Persians between 502 and 632
* Presentation on urban fortification in the Crusader states
* Presentation on the early development of the Mosque
* Castle Study essay focusing on Kenilworth Castle in Warwickshire, England
* 3000 word essay on the role of Crusader castles
* 3000 word essay on the the reliability of early Islamic tradition
* Formulating my final year dissertation

It's no problem. I can handle all of this work (I'm used to it :o)) but as I'm sure you can imagine it doesn't leave a whole lot of time for keeping the blog updated. The good news is I have managed to keep up with the practical side of the mindmapping roadtest, i.e. working with each scheduled package, because I peform mindmapping tasks daily anyway and the only difference has been forcing myself to stick with a specific application for a set period (and working out a few idiosyncracies). The problem just lies with finding the time needed to fully explore every feature and to complete the review write-up's.

I think the best thing to suggest at the moment is to completely ignore the dates I've previously set for posting reviews of each mindmapping software package and to play it by ear. You have my word that I will be following this project through to the end and with only 6 weeks until the end of term (inclusive of exams) it won't be long until I can dedicate infinitely more time to the blogosphere and each and every review will appear.

I also have a huge backlog of daily news/articles to post and will endevour to continue filtering these through as and when I can. Meanwhile thanks for your patience and (hopefully) understanding and please don't lose faith :o)

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