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Studying in the Humanities Series

Medtablet_2 Over at StudentTabletPC I've gotten underway with scribing a series on how I operate at university using a Tablet PC and my other e-gadgets. Together with a rundown of my study work-flow I'm also aiming to provide a few pointers for  those who may also be following a humanities degree (although the information is usually applicable to most Tablet PC using students)

Rather than directly replicate the series here I thought it better to just link to the posts as I submit them. I'll just continue to update this post as and when I've submitted something new to the series (it should re-appear in your RSS feeds when it's updated)

I hope you enjoy the series and find something of use. As ever all feedback is warmly welcomed (either here or at STPC.com)

Part 1 - My electronic filing system

Part 2a - Note-taking for lectures - The 'before'

Meet the Paperless Ph.Der

Me_rounded Ph.D student Mike Pascoe recently dropped me an email to say hi and also to let me know about his goal to complete a 'Paperless Ph.D.'  What's more, Mike has already began demonstrating his paperless Ph.D workflow using a series of screen-casts. So far he's released two on YouTube and they make for recommended viewing (if only just to witness how supremely organised Mike's workflow is).

In the first of his screen-casts Mike demonstrates how he uses a combination of  medical journal site PubMed, clever custom RSS feeds (to inform him when articles of possible interest are submitted) and an interesting MAC-only app called Papers which provides him with a 'bells and whistles' front-end for the PubMed articles he needs to process and store.

In his second screen-cast Mike moves on to the business of dealing with Illiad sourced e-journal articles and the process he uses to firstly e-print to Papers before utilising PubMed to append the correct meta-data to his 'imported' articles

This is fantastic stuff and I really look forward to hearing more about Mike's paperless workflow. Ok so in terms of subject his Ph.D in Integrative Physiology couldn't be further away from my lowly humanities degree but hey here's a guy who's striving to manage a paperless workflow that's infinitely more mountainous than most students (myself included) so whatever he implements as part of his paperless operation has to be of considerable interest to the rest of us.

So Mike - all you got to do now is add a Tablet PC or UMPC to the mix and things are really going to get interesting :o)

The not so prodigal wanderer returns

Amid rumours that perhaps I'd hung up my stylus and sold myself back to the paper devil, I've returned to the fold once more to continue sharing the trials and tribulations associated with me studying and living in a paperless environment and all of the usual 'fluff' that goes with it.

I know I should be dragged out into the street to ironically have paper cuts administered to all of the areas between my fingers and toes (oww...how sore would that be?) but I'm down here on bended knees begging for your mercy and understanding.

So where have I been? Well following a really, really hectic end to the semester, I just got swept up by the wave of Real World [tm] commitments - work, reconnecting with family and friends, keeping the kids amused during the school holidays and bashing through a huge list of DIY chores that I had been cunningly able to postpone during term-time (I didn't feel quite so cunning when the wife posted that list on the fridge door :o)). Although I did manage to post a few articles in my other blogging position at StudentTabletPC.com I've also got to eat a truckload of humble pie there too to make up for my lacklustre performance.

Ok so my initial goals here though are simple - to work on 'tying up' everything I left outstanding before my leave of absence together with a drive to re-kindle the love and warmth that I'd managed to nurture before...aaawwwww!!! In between the 'tying up' I'll of course be getting the blog back up to speed on all of the activity that's going on around the paperless world.

Now where did I put that big humble pie eating spoon?       

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