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Meet the Paperless Ph.Der

Me_rounded Ph.D student Mike Pascoe recently dropped me an email to say hi and also to let me know about his goal to complete a 'Paperless Ph.D.'  What's more, Mike has already began demonstrating his paperless Ph.D workflow using a series of screen-casts. So far he's released two on YouTube and they make for recommended viewing (if only just to witness how supremely organised Mike's workflow is).

In the first of his screen-casts Mike demonstrates how he uses a combination of  medical journal site PubMed, clever custom RSS feeds (to inform him when articles of possible interest are submitted) and an interesting MAC-only app called Papers which provides him with a 'bells and whistles' front-end for the PubMed articles he needs to process and store.

In his second screen-cast Mike moves on to the business of dealing with Illiad sourced e-journal articles and the process he uses to firstly e-print to Papers before utilising PubMed to append the correct meta-data to his 'imported' articles

This is fantastic stuff and I really look forward to hearing more about Mike's paperless workflow. Ok so in terms of subject his Ph.D in Integrative Physiology couldn't be further away from my lowly humanities degree but hey here's a guy who's striving to manage a paperless workflow that's infinitely more mountainous than most students (myself included) so whatever he implements as part of his paperless operation has to be of considerable interest to the rest of us.

So Mike - all you got to do now is add a Tablet PC or UMPC to the mix and things are really going to get interesting :o)


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