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Studying in the Humanities Series

Medtablet_2 Over at StudentTabletPC I've gotten underway with scribing a series on how I operate at university using a Tablet PC and my other e-gadgets. Together with a rundown of my study work-flow I'm also aiming to provide a few pointers for  those who may also be following a humanities degree (although the information is usually applicable to most Tablet PC using students)

Rather than directly replicate the series here I thought it better to just link to the posts as I submit them. I'll just continue to update this post as and when I've submitted something new to the series (it should re-appear in your RSS feeds when it's updated)

I hope you enjoy the series and find something of use. As ever all feedback is warmly welcomed (either here or at STPC.com)

Part 1 - My electronic filing system

Part 2a - Note-taking for lectures - The 'before'


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