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Hymini - The wind powered gadget charger

Hymini Well I may have got pretty excited when I told you about the solar powered charging unit - the Freeloader, but my excitement is set to reach new heights thanks to the Hymini - a 'soon to be launched' mobile charger that primarily harnesses wind power as its main charging input.

Looking very much like a slick portable mini-fan, the Hymini is being marketed as a mobile charger for all 5v gadgets (which means iPods, digital cameras, mobile phones etc.) However the real 'seller' for me is the promoted idea that the Hymini can be attached to the handlebars of your bike allowing the unit to be charged as you cycle, which I think is really nice!! However when the wind is just not happening Miniwiz, the company behind the Hymini, also provide the option of charging the unit via mains adapter, USB and optional solar battery attachments.

Due to the lack of summer sun I've only had relative success with the Freeloader as far as solar charging goes (charging via USB works perfectly) but the fact that the Hymini utilises much more readily available wind power may make it a more viable eco-charging solution for my mobile gadgets.

Prices, releases dates and availability are not provided at the time of writing but I'm hoping it's not going to be long before I get to test out the marketing claims to see whether the Hymini is a step-up solution to the FreeLoader or not. Meantime I invite you to get yourself along to the website to gen up on all of the details or charge times etc.to see if the Hymini is the eco-charger for you.  ::via TreeHugger    


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I like the idea of a paperless student - no more boxes of stuff under the bed that no one wants but can't bear to throw away. (Sorry kids, I did!)

this suit for the summer gateaway

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