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Making paperless simple - The Ceramic Memo Board

405700_detail Here's a simple slice of paperless genius that I stumbled across in my feeds earlier and it illustrates that not all paperless solutions have to be electronic, expensive or indeed complicated.

The Ceramic Memo Board, as the name clearly suggests :o), is a ceramic based mini 'white board' that sits perfectly on any desktop. I'd have rather it was called a 'pad' but I love it, especially the pen groove and could really see one of these sitting beside the land-line phone.  Of course you could do the same job just by placing a white wall tile on your desktop but eh it wouldn't have the same aesthetics would it (or that nifty pen groove)?

The Ceramic Memo Board is available online at See Jane Work with the price at a very affordable $11.50 (at the time of writing) ::via milkandmorphine

Fujitsu ScanSnap: Another glowing testament

Scansnap You remember I spoke about Joe Kissel's love of the Fujitsu ScanSnap, in the November 2007 issue of MacWorld? Well another advocate of the ScanSnap as the scanner for the paperless operative has broken cover in the form of Erik Bruchez. Of the ScanSnap Erik says:

"It's just amazing how fast you can scan piles of year-old documents with this toy. In fact, scanning actually becomes fun."

Wow scanning becomes fun eh Erik? Well if that isn't a glowing testament for the ScanSnap then I don't know what is (well aside from the fact that he bought two - one for the office and one for his brother as a present).

So why haven't I bought one yet? Well two reasons really - I still predominately need to scan book chapters and, as a sheet-fed scanner, the ScanSnap is of no use (unless I'm going to dismantle the books I'm scanning). Secondly I'm still a poor student (awwww!) and the ScanSnap's pricepoint (£250+) is still a little too steep to warrant what would only be occasional use at this time. Of course if I had a generous brother like Erik :o)

*Edited to add a link to norbauer's excellent palimpsest paperless article on 43Folders. I can't believe I forgot this. This is one of the most comprehensive guides to operating paperless out there and ScanSnap forms the lynchpin of norbauer's system. Thanks for the reminder Greg.

Debra Moorhead: Aiming to show the dental industry the paperless way

Forerin_2 Dental Practice Management consultant and self empowerment author Debra Moorhead has begun a worthy 30-day paperless experiment aimed at keeping her new filing cabinet as paper barren as possible. More exciting is that this 30-day experiment only marks the first step in her goal of becoming "the paperless authority for the dental industry" in 2008.

I'm excited by this paperless proclamation of Debra's for two reasons. Firstly it's clearly evident just how passionate she is about making this happen (and from reading some of her posts she seems hugely motivated about making things happen). Secondly, and perhaps more importantly, as an established management consultant, Debra is in the perfect position of influence, where she can really make a difference  in her industry.

For these reasons I really do wish Debra every success. If we have any hope of ever turning into a predominantly paperless society then it is only through the influence of motivated advocates such as her that we will have any chance of realising it.

I'll be following Debra's progress with great interest but one question remains though - what exactly is she going to be using that empty filing cabinet for? :o)

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