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AlphaSmart Neo - wooed by its zen-like simplicity

Neo_large Every once in a while you discover something that absolutely blows you away. From the moment you first see it you know it's going to fill a purpose in your life so perfectly, that you must own it there and then. I last had that feeling when I first saw a Tablet PC. I knew instantly  that it was exactly what I needed to make my paperless operation complete, and I wasn't wrong. Today, after reading an Unclutterer post I've discovered a new absolute 'must have', a minimalist portable word processor called the AlphaSmart Neo (full specs on the machine are available via this link).  

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5 GB of online storage for zip!!

Skydrive_short1_2 There's no denying when you operate paperlessly, you're going to need plenty of electronic storage space. Well Microsoft can help ease a bit of that burden through their Windows Live SkyDrive online storage facility and guess what? It's FREE. What's more they've just upgraded  maximum space from 1GB up to a very useful 5 GB.

I've just signed up for an account myself and first impressions are very favourable. So whatcha waitin' for? Get yourself along  to the SkyDrive site and bag yourself some useful online storage space. ::via jkOnTheRun

Busing with Wi-Fi on Stagecoach

Buswifi_2 I'm not one who usually gets overly excited by bus livery, but here's something that had me jumping for joy a couple of days ago (and any other paperless operative who's seen it). Yes at long last Wi-Fi appears to be rolling out to the buses in my dark 'corner of the woods'. I spend close to three hours commuting back and forth to university and while I fill the time nicely with reading assignments, its nice to have this extra Internet time available if I need it.

So far I've not had the pleasure of being on a bus that has Wi-Fi installed so I can't tell you how well it performs but as soon as I do I'll let you know. Meantime I'd love to hear from anyone who has had the pleasure of using the Wi-Fi on these buses in and around Fife. I'd love to know how well it works out.

NYT Follow-Up: My paperless routine

Following my recent mention in the New York Times, I've been inundated with emails asking for more details on my paperless operation at university and I'm hugely flattered. While most of this information can be gleaned through skimming this blog, I thought I'd do everyone a big favour by publishing a rework of the original info I was asked to send to the NYT. However If anyone still requires further info then please don't stop sending me emails. I love getting them.

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Famous for 15 thanks to the New York Times!

When your blog hits suddenly jump, you know there must be a good reason for it and there can't surely be a better reason than being quoted in one of the world's biggest newspapers - the New York Times. In an article from the weekend entitled Pushing Paper Out the Door, yours truly is mentioned in relation to his paperless actions at university. Here's what they said about me:

Robert Burdock, a student at the University of St. Andrews in Scotland, carries a digital camera to class so he can take a picture of any handout and immediately turn it into a text-searchable document on his laptop.

“Say I’m writing an essay on Edward III. A quick input of the term in Google Desktop and I’m presented with everything I have on the subject,” Mr. Burdock wrote in an e-mail message, which had a note at the bottom asking the recipient to consider the environment before printing. “This is a massive time saver when compared to manual searching and sifting.”

Pretty cool eh? Well kind of. The article seems to indicate that the sum total of my efforts at paperless operation only involves the use of a digital camera, which as anyone who reads my blog knows is way off the mark. More importantly the article fails to identify that the primary computer in my paperless operation is a Tablet PC and not a laptop. This may not seem a big deal to most people but the Tablet PC is the primary tool in my paperless arsenal and I could not fully engage with digital handouts and book scans without it.

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