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iRex first to hit the UK high street with dedicated ebook reader

Iliadbe_front Thanks to iRrex Technologies, and a deal with Borders UK, a dedicated ebook reader is finally coming to the British high street...and about time too :o) Based on the original iLiad, the newly marketed iLiad Book Edition is almost identical in tech specs except for an expandable memory up to 8GB (the original iLiad only allows for a max of 4GB), a new silver livery and an absence of in-built WI-FI. Additionally iRex are preloading the iLiad Book Edition with 50 classic book titles.

The all important price at launch on Saturday May 10 will be £399...ouch!!!

I'll be honest and say that I was getting pretty excited until I saw the price :o( Sure iRex are giving away 50 classic titles as part of the deal but considering you can download every one of the titles for free to create your own versions, it doesn't seem such a cost-saving 'sweetener'.

However credit where it's due. This is the first dedicated ebook reader to hit UK shores, offering us paperless Brits a much needed additional avenue for operation. The absence of in-built WI-FI in the iLiad Book Edition makes it a cheaper solution than the iLiad, but I'm not sure the price point will tempt many away from their budget and mini-laptop solutions (even with the iLiad's inherent ebook reading features). Does that mean that the iLiad Book Edition is already destined to become a machine solely for the lap of the ebook reading connoisseur? I certainly hope not, but I can't help thinking, until the price drops significantly that it will.

NOTE: The iLiad Book Edition will only be offered in 8 of the Border UK stores from Saturday 10th May - Oxford Street and Islington in London, Oxford, Cambridge, Glasgow, Cheshire Oaks and Brighton

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