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Rob Graduates - a remarkable personal journey comes to an end

As the image above may hint, my time as an undergraduate has come to an end and I have graduated from the University of St. Andrews, with my MA degree in Mediaeval History and Archeology. The graduation was on Thursday 26th June 2008 and being the University of St. Andrews, the occasion was full of pomp and ceremony. I’m not used to, or particularly comfortable with, such flamboyant occasions but my wife convinced me to go and I’m glad I did. Aside from gaining the honour of being able to watch many of my friends graduate, which in retrospect was unmissable, I think the ceremony brought to a fitting end, what has been a remarkable personal journey for me.

Megraduate I’m absolutely delighted to have finally reached my goal, but I’m also more than a little sad. Although I was never a resident student at St. Andrews (I commuted every day as I only live 40 miles away), the place has become so ingrained in my soul that I’m really going to miss studying there. More painfully I’m going to miss the many great friends, both students and teachers, that I had the pleasure of studying with. These are the kind of people that you treasure being in the company of. These are the kind of people whose intelligence and motivation drive one to learn, and to strive for academic excellence. Consequently, these are the people who will forever remain as my unequivocal role-models.

Of course it would be wrong for me at this point to not also acknowledge my public appreciation for both my wife (Michelle) and my two daughters (Laura and Katy). Together with my parents (who have also lent their unconditional support to me during the past four years), they are the most precious people in my life, and I could not have achieved what I have without their love, support and encouragement, which has helped to pull me through the difficult bits (of which there were many). 

And so it ends. One remarkable chapter in my life closes but a new one, which I hope will be just as remarkable, is just about to begin. I don’t know how this next chapter is going to be written but one thing is certain: I move into it more enlightened, more driven, and more equipped to take on any and all opportunities and obstacles that come my way, and for that I’m indebted. So thank you St. Andrews. Thank you from the very bottom of my heart!!

P.S. Don't worry about this place closing down now that I'm no longer 'officially' an undergraduate. The site will continue to operate as before, although hopefully with a lot more posting than has been seen of late.

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