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Sony PRS-505 set to increase my paperless arsenal

Sony_prs505_2 Well I’ve spoken about it often enough lately and I’ve decided that I can’t wait any longer. The pros outweigh the cons, the price is absolutely right, and most importantly, I’ve convinced my wife that I need one :o). So it’s with great pleasure, and no little excitement, that I announce the latest addition coming to my paperless arsenal - the soon to be UK launched Sony PRS-505 Reader.

Since beginning my quest to operate as paperless as I can, I’ve yearned for a dedicated ereader. As many of you know, my Tablet PC has filled my ebook reading needs admirably, but the advantages of a dedicated reader, especially with regards to battery life and weight, can’t be ignored. I’ve lamented the lack of ereaders in the UK and now that Sony are stepping up and doing something about it, which probably has more to do with Sony pre-empting Amazon’s UK introduction of the Kindle than anything else, I should be putting my money where my mouth is, and I am!

Coincidentally I’m also embroiled in the midst of a novel-reading challenge right now (I’m on my thirteenth in 8 weeks), and so I feel it’s also the perfect time to add a dedicated ereader to the mix, while I have plentiful ‘fuel’ available to really put the reader through it paces, and perhaps redeem some of my paperless principles.

I talk of redeeming some of my ‘paperless principles’ because my novel-reading challenge so far has been anything but paperless. That said, I’ve never really considered books that I really want to own to be sacrificial lambs in my quest for a paperless lifestyle. Sure I went through my degree using ‘physical’ books as little as possible, and I benefited massively from doing so (as I’ve discussed here many times before), but often I like to own a book in its physical form, and attempt to re-balance my paperless principles by only buying (or ‘mooching’) 2nd-hand books.

Most of the books in my novel-reading challenge have been physical, but most have been 2nd-hand. However it would be nice to appease the paperless deities that little more though and begin collecting some of these titles in electronic format, not only because I’m no stranger whatsoever to using ebooks, but also because it adds an additional quirk to my novel reading challenge :o)

So, as I’ve written before, launch day for the Sony PRS-505 here in the UK is on  September the 4th (a little over three weeks away at the time of writing), and my pre-order is in. I’ve ordered through Waterstones, with the only other option being to order directly from Sony UK themselves. However I’m putting my faith, and my money in Waterstones. I’m not sure why, as they never made me one of the winners in their recent competition to win one of 5 of the ereaders :o), but I’m hoping they’ll at least ship the units to arrive at the customer on launch day. That however is something that is in the hands of the gods (or rather Waterstone’s warehouse staff), so only time will tell if the readers ship out ‘early’. Whatever the outcome I’ll be sure to let you know how it works out.

I can’t believe it. A dedicated ereader finally landing in my paperless mitts, after all of this time? Anything can still go wrong, so everything that can be crossed is crossed.


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I had my heart set on a Kindle - and had decided - after much debate - that I would have one sent to my hotel when I head to the states in a few weeks time. Then I discovered that you needed a US credit card to buy one - and a US credit card to pay for the books.

Then I saw this Sony ereader reviewed on the Gadget Show - and thought I might try one of these instead. Ironically the day they are released is the day I board the plane for the states!

I'm still undecided though - I'm happy to wait for books to be released to paperback and pick them up for less than £4 from ASDA. Or to mooch them. So the thought of paying more for an ebook... surely the whole point is they should be much much cheaper as there are no printing costs??

I know that you can pick up lots of free eBooks - especially those with expired copyrights - but I tend to read more current books than classics.

Maybe I'll wait and see what you think of it and perhaps treat myself to a birthday present when I get back from my holiday...

Mrs. S - thanks for your comments. I agree, ebooks should be available for pennies rather than being almost the same price as their physical counterpart. There are after all very few overheads and costs to producing an ebook. It kind of makes any ereader a gadget for the rich.

That said, as you did, there is a wealth of available FREE titles, and as I read a lot of academic journals it helps me that way too.

While I was doing my degree I was also a master of 'book-scanning'. I scanned electronic versions of all of my textbooks, together with scanned chapters of university library books when required. Of course I was operating under the mantle of 'academic fair use' (the scanning of library book chapters was akin to photocopying) but I don't have that same 'freedom' now, and would never consider ripping off novels etc. However there is a grey area though, where I'm not sure if I own a book, whether I can make a digital copy, solely for personal use? Of course if you already have the physical book in your possession, one could argue what the point of doing that is, but for me it's all about portability and weight saving..ohh and the chance to pose with a new 'toy'. :o)

I'm with Mrs S for the most part.
With Paperbacks available for next to n'owt via Asda, Tesco, GreenMetropolis, Amazon, 2nd hand bookshops and now BookMunch and Book Crossing, why depreive oneself of the tactile pleasure of a book?

The main thig that puts me off reading anything longer than a few hundred words on my Palm TX pda is screen real estate and the way current screens affect ones eyes after a period of time. Oww.

I like the idea of e-ink and have heard great things about it but I would really object to paying a few hundred quid for a device/reader and then have to pay MORE per book than I do now for a tree based product. C'mon...get with the programme manufacturers and content providers. How stoopid do we look? I know we act it, but how stoopid do we LOOK?

That said, another hurdle for me is getting mugged for my current book. It is very, very unlikely to happen for a five quid paperback. Unheard of even. But your average mugger is just going to think 'Hmm, shiny thing with a Cash Converter value of Kerching' and tax you for it with their sharps. They are too big to cram in a pockey easily like a book. And then there are those of us with stone floors...I mean, sheesh. I don't mind dropping books generally but a Kindle or eReader? Oww. PLus, I have been known to launch books...bad, terrible, godawful books, across the room or down the stairs (when in the bath) when I deem them rubbish. Cannae do that with the kindle now can I? Well I can, but I'd be borking over a weeks salary every time I did that.

If I HAD to get an eReader of some sort, I like the look of the Readius. The size of a candy bar mobile phone and it has a screen that folds out, sorry , rolls out. It is amazing looking AND I could shove this in my pocket easily.
Go See:

I am still split about e-readers. E-books won't cost pennies, Robert, because the only costs that are being reduced are paper and ink. Costs for authors (a-hem!), editors, typesetting and formatting, etc., will stay essentially the same. I do NOT want the reduction in costs to come from already-small author royalties. But sadly, I predict that, if any numbers change and go down, it'll be those.

I see one of these sorts of things in my future -- but I do want them to come down in price a little bit first.

Hi yes I've also pre-ordered the Sony e-reader with the aim to become paperless at home! No more cleaning dust from books or having to sort books out :D This e-book would have sooo been good when I was at uni a few years back. Up until now I've operated a scanning document system with some success - and the Sony e-reader will help towards this.I'm mainly thinking of the benefits such of Sony e-reader and then with this I can focus on more important things in life rather than sorting out a pile of books:D

Interessante Informationen.

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