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Sony Reader is in the house!!

Sonyreadercontents I just popped out on a couple of chores and returned to find a very welcome package from Waterstones in the form of the all-new Sony Reader PRS-505.

A full review will follow but first impressions:

- Small - really surprised at how small
- Light - lighter than a standard paperback, by far
- Amazing screen - Wow!!!!

What's in the box?

- The Reader in a nice brown faux leather case
- 100 FREE Classic books CD
- Sony eBook Library software CD
- Fold-out Quick-start guide
- Sony guarantee info document
- Registration document
- A note on browsing PDFs

I'll post a full review over the next few days but I'll leave you with a quick snap of that amazing screen:


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Hi again,

Cant wait for your review of this. I have been looking and them and think they look great, i was just wondering what the selection of books is like on the Sony store?

I read a lot of fantasy but would also be looking to maybe get some law books on there, just unsure if the store does anything like that.

Also have you seen the PRS-700BC?

Looks nice but who knows when we will get it over here but it seems to only cost around £60 more at the moment. Just looking to see if they ship to UK, i doubt it.

Hey great technology..I have been looking and them and think they look great.

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