Mac purchase - Coming to a home near you...eventually

Am I being too naive in expecting that my soon to be delivered (hopefully) Mac Mini would have shipped from somewhere here in the UK? I must be because a quick input of my order ref. number on apecode (a great place for getting a lot more tracking info than even Apple themselves offer) dutifuly informs me that my precious package, having now finally hit British shores, has worked its merry way across mainland Europe having originated from the Czech Republic.

Macmini_cargo Ok so I'm well aware that all computers more or less originate from distant shores anyway (more often than not the Far East) but I find it somewhat disturbing that each and every Apple order is individually shipped. Given the popularity of Apple merchandise, maybe that isn't a problem. Although I've got an image in my mind of my poor lil Mac rattling around on its lonesome in the cargo hold of a plane I'm perhaps way off the mark and in fact every shipment that leaves Apple's distribution centres does so en-masse with cargo containers packed to the gunnels. At least that's what I hope is the reality.

Of course the more cynical among you may think I'm only venting because my eagerly anticipated order is taking so long to get  to me. Well I'd be lying if I said it wasn't, at least a little bit, but mainly I'm venting because I've got this overbearing sense of guilt that all of this environmental damage due to shipping is being caused on my account. I'm just thankful that  Greenpeace are continuing their concerted efforts to encourage Apple to turn their operation a lot greener. Although  Greenpeace's campaign is primarily targetted on Apple's manufacturing processes, one can only hope that the knock effect, if successful, will also see a change to the greener for Apple's logistical policy too.      

Postie Roger - the paperless demigod


Thanks to the selfless act of postman Roger Annies of Barry, Wales (who sadly as I write has been suspended for his actions) news has broken across the UK that it is possible for households to opt-out of un-addressed junk mail from the Royal Mail (the kind of mail that's headed 'to the occupier'). Although I've added my name to the MPS this form of unaddressed junk mail has remained a proverbial fly in my paperless ointment but thanks to Postie Roger not any more.

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The candidates, the postman and the letterbox


I’ll be so glad when tomorrow arrives if only for the sake of my poor letterbox.  With our local MP Rachel Squire sadly passing away a few weeks ago my home town has been invaded by an army of wannabe politicians. They're fronted by a legion of leaflet wielding maniacs whose primary objective seems to centre around the force feeding of people’s front doors with election junk mail.

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