ConceptDraw MINDMAP 5 released

No sooner do I finish my 'still to be posted' roadtest of MindMap 4.5 when Olga Danilina, PR Manager over at CS Odessa, sends me word that their latest incarnation of MindMap - version 5 has just been released on the Windows platform (the developers assure us that all their efforts are now being put into releasing the Mac version ASAP). Version 5 has got a whole host of new features. Aside from a snappy new interface (which in my opinion is a huge improvement on previous versions), the developers have made major improvements to the application's functionality such as the auto repositioning of other topics, when a selected topic is moved, to prevent overlap (I felt this was a major frustration in 4.5 and led to a lot of time consuming manual re-positioning) and revamped clipart libraries.

If you interested in taking a look at the new version then head on over to the MindMap 5 website and treat yourself to a 30-day trial. I also invite you to take a look at Chuck Frey's pre-release preview of MindMap 5. He makes some excellent observations.

Oh and don't worry! Although I've roadtested v4.5 I intend to tweak my upcoming review post to take the new improvements and features into account. More work for me then :o)

MINDMAP 5 announced

It was only a few days ago that I told you about the newly launched ConceptDraw Labs. Well it already seems to be THE place to hang out for all of the hottest news. Through the Lab CS Odessa have just announced the springtime launch of ConceptDraw MINDMAP 5. There's a couple of juicy screenshots over there and a couple of nuggets (although not giving too much away) on what to expect in the new version. 

CS Odessa launch ConceptDraw Lab

I received an exciting email yesterday from Olga Danilina PR Manager for CS Odessa (the team behind the ConceptDraw productivity range which includes MindMap my current P.S.I. subject) announcing their newly launched ConceptDraw Lab. Aside from being a blog portal where CS Odessa can share product development info with us, the general public, it's also the place to keep a close eye on, if you're interested in participating in future public beta tests.

If that isn't enough enticement for you CS Odessa are also promising us regular FREE productivity software 'widgets' and they've set the ball rolling by offering all of you iCal and GTD officiandos a GTD widget for ICal. This one's not a lot of use to me but I'm sure it won't be long until they offer something I do need.

Best of luck with the new portal guys!!

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