British TabletPCers - Where are You?!?

Robwantsyou Are you a TabletPC aficionado living in the UK? Do you often get the feeling that you’re the only one in the country who owns a TabletPC because 1) you’ve never, or hardly ever, seen anyone else using one? (I’ve only ever seen two others) or 2) everyone looks at you very strangely when you’re using your Tablet? (although I CAN come up with numerous reasons for why people look at me strangely) Do you often feel that almost all TabletPC ‘chatter’ on the Internet comes with a distinctly American flavor (sorry….flavour) making you feel, even though you love your US cousins, even more disconnected? (not to mention exhausted at having to continually convert US $s to UK £s and translate all those quirky American spellings of words  :o) )

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TUB Club Directory

TubclubHey There!!
This is the member directory of the TabletPC User's of Britain Club (TUB for short). Details of what the TUB Club is and how you can join it can be found >>HERE<<

If your looking for the TUB Club Yahoo Group then that's >>HERE<<

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TUBby Member #01
Tub01_1 Name: Robert Burdock
UK Location: Fife, Scotland
Contact Email: [email protected]
Occupation: Full Time Student majoring in Mediaeval History & Archaeology
Me and My TabletPC: I own an Acer C300 TabletPC and use it primarily in my role as university student. For eco-friendly reasons I also strive to live my life as paperlessly as possible and my TabletPC assists greatly in this. 

TUBby Member #02
Yourpichere_2 Name: Colin Walker (aka randomelements)
UK Location: Gravesend, Kent
Contact Email: [email protected]
Occupation: IT Support
Me and My TabletPC: I have just recently given away an Acer C111TCi which I had for over 2 years. It was primarily used for notes on the go, reading eBooks and studying, and beta testing Vista. Oh and being generally geeky ;) Cash permitting, I plan to get a new Tablet "post vista".

TUBby Member #03
Yourpichere_3 Name: Chris Davies
UK Location: South Manchester
Contact Email: [email protected]
Occupation: work for a community drug & alcohol service and also write for the Aradius network of blogs (primarily
Me and My TabletPC: I’m a tc1100 owner, have been for a few years now – it was originally bought because I wanted a more portable addition to the dual-display desktop PC I was using, but it soon became my primary computer.  It gets used for blogging, general internet & email, writing my first novel and my crappy attempts at art (which really are crappy).

TUBby Member #04
Name: Keith Winsor
UK Location: Heacham, North Norfolk
Contact Email: [email protected]
Occupation: Retail Manager
Me and My TabletPC: I use an Acer C310 as my day-to-day PC: email and surfing, converting old LPs to mp3 (USB Soundblaster plumbed into hifi, saves bringing the desktop system down or taking turntable upstairs), hub of my paperless system (I've always got all my 'paperwork' with me), backup for my Palm (if only OneNote would sync to Palm...), e-book reader, my version of Radio Times (Digiguide), watching TV (as soon as I can get networking sorted out on my Nebula DigiTV set-up). Also used for basic openoffice applications at work. Everything, really, except serious digital photography, for which I still prefer a CRT screen.