The Paper Monster stomps into Edinburgh

PapermonstAt this time of the year I absolutely love life in my little corner of the world. The Edinburgh Festival has rolled in and the hit of creative energy you experience walking the streets of Edinburgh during the Festival (should really be termed festivals as it also encapsulates books, films, arts etc.) is immense. Gifted street performers mingle with outlandishly attired show promoters resulting in an eclectic cocktail of colour, pageant and raw talent. Seriously if you’re looking for a dose of ‘off the wall’ inspiration then just spending a hour or two wandering around the event arena will top up your creativity tank for a whole year 

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A ‘real world’ 32-bit Photoshop palette!

Kath_pencils_1 I thought one of the big advantages of doing artwork on the computer, aside from it being a paperless operation, was the almost unlimited palette of colours that was available in applications such as Photoshop. However after stumbling across the 'Travels with a Sketchbook' blog of artist Katherine Tyrrell my perception has somewhat changed on this. Katherine has posted a picture of her ‘travel sketch toolkit’ which I couldn’t help but chuckle at when I saw how LARGE it was. Katherine’s ‘real world’ colour palette must surely rival anything Adobe has to offer :o).

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Crash! Bang! Wallop!....shhhh it’s a library!!

So how safe ‘n’ cosy do feel browsing around the dark dingy aisles of the university or local library? Well if you’re anything like me then the only thing to fear is the occasional paper cut (Ouch!) or book bouncing off the toes. Well the danger level has just risen to Red after viewing a set of pictures posted by librarian Klara Kim. One look at these is guaranteed to make a visit to the library feel like an unguided expedition down the Congo River.


What’s the betting that at least one smart a** waited for the book dust to settle before letting out a huge ssssshhhhh!!!!

The photo set of Klara’s ‘whoops moment’ can be found at Flickr ::via Boing

Triple Yay Day!!

Frank_1 Well it’s Sunday the 18th and lucky me I’ve had 3 wonderful things to celebrate today:
:: It’s my birthday but I’m not quite sure if that’s a reason for celebration any more. I try to counter the fact that I’m getting older by telling myself I’m getting a year wiser but it doesn't tend to work :o)
:: It’s Father’s Day and both of my daughters are running around willingly doing everything for me (normally I have to use some serious bribery to get them working like this :o) ). They also handed Frank over to me in bed this morning (that's the guy in the photo). He’s a pretty likable guy but he doesn’t really say a lot. However he makes up for that by waving at you everytime you look at him (see for yourself. Look at the photo)
:: Almost as good as welcoming Frank into my life I also discovered that I am one of the winners of jkontherun’s recent productivity competition. and I receive a prestigious and shiny MindManager 6 license (not sure if it's shiny but it's definitely prestigious). I’m absolutely delighted about this because although I’m a huge exponent of mindmapping, my position as family man and student has prevented me from being able to afford the license. Now that I have got a license I’m really, really looking forward to making full use of it (and of course extensively sharing my experiences). I’d like to >>>THANK<<< James and Kevin for putting on such a brilliant competition (with such overly generous prizes) and everyone who entered it. I’ve picked up loads of productivity tips from the entries and although I’m over-the-moon at being one of the winners I'm equally as over-the-moon at picking up so many great tips. It's a shame everyone couldn't have been a winner :o(   

So it’s been a fantastic day of triple celebration today and days really don’t get much better than this one. I’d like to wish all other father’s out there a Happy Father’s Day (Frank sends over a friendly Father's Day wave too..look he's waving again) and remember today’s the day to get the kids to do all of those chores they never do for you any other time…..<evil grin!>

Pssst...fancy an unboxing fix....

.....without any expense?

You know that butterfly feeling you get when you crack open the box containing a new gadget? Come now you must know that feeling - your heart is beating out of your chest as your 5 senses engage and drive your sweaty palms towards the opening of the expertly designed (although overly superfluous from my eco-friendly POV...sigh!) packaging. Well I say all 5 senses are engaged but really it's sight and touch that dominate. Hearing comes into it slightly as does smell (I love the smell of new electronic gadgets - WEIRDO!!) but I guess taste is only utilised if your into munching on those lil bags of silica gel or have a licking fetish. So do you get that feeling? Well I know I certainly do. Well I usually get that feeling but sometimes I dont as my euphoria rush is often supressed by my need to include well timed spells of prolonged coughing or bursts of song when dealing with the noisy elements of packaging i.e. plastic bags, packing tape etc. in order to hide the fact that I've purchased 'another bloody gadget' (her words not mine) from the wife.

So anyway we've established THE FEELING[tm] and if you're as hooked on it as I am then you'll be delighted to hear of the birth of a shiny new website - The brainchild of Josh Bancroft is fast turning into one of those 'must visit daily' sites. Aside from giving you an unboxing fix, albeit passsively, you can also get a jump on seeing what's in the box of your 'in transit' or 'soon to be' ordered gadget. This is a cracking site, a cracking idea and I wish Josh all the very best with this new venture.

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